Business Links is a link to one of the top resources for small business.
Small Business Development Center a great link for small business to get help at no cost.
SBA Loans a resource to find SBA loans and to help package the small business financing needs.
IRS Website Find valuable up to date information and notices about your taxes.
Florida Department of State Register your company and find Florida businesses.
US Chamber of Commerce Find out what our Federal Government is doing.
Federal Government Contracting Office Sign up to get on the list of government contracts-great opportunity for small business.
Stay in touch with Bloomberg Keep up to date with what is going on around the world. Great entrepreneur ideas and opportunities.
Florida Department of Revenue Find out what taxes you need to pay and how to register for sales tax in Florida.
S Corporations and More Find out what you need to know about S Corporations.
Starting a Business Thinking of starting a business this site is a must.
What you need to know about starting your business The 10 steps you need to know to starting your business.
What is the survival rate of new employers? Find out what the SBA says about survival rates.
Focus on success, not failures New research on the success of new businesses-USA Today!
Small Business Profile Find out the profile of your state.
Small Business start-up statistics  Another view point.
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