Starting Down the Path


Starting Down the Path-You are Getting Closer

Here you are thinking about going into business.  How great it would be to be my own boss (you are dreaming about). I can do what I want, be where I want and make all the decisions. WOW! how wrong you may be.  This lesson may open up your eyes to new issues, understanding and ideas that you have not thought about.  Remember, you are now responsible (solely) for the health and welfare of your and your families lives (financially).  Don’t think it is a walk in the park or a part time endeavour.

Check out the real issues of starting your business.  It may save you some time and energy in the future

Good Luck in your Venture!

This lesson is all about mindset, readiness, responsibility and challenges.  It gives the prospective entrepreneur some idea of the statistics of financial success and failures.  We also discuss some of the reason why and provide information that disputes the numbers.  Do you have the character, the bandwidth and ready for the responsibilities of business ownership? Some of the other issues discussed are:

  • Who is this entrepreneur today and how is it different from the past?
  • What kind of obligations is innate in owning a business?
  • Is your family ready?
  • Do you have the right reasons to go into business? This lesson talks about why folks decide to go into business and the pros and cons
  • Do you know yourself?
  • Are you willing to give up the time commitment from your other activities-This is a FULL time job?

All of theses questions and many more should be asked, answered and discussed with all interested parties, including spouses, significant others and other parties that have a vested interest in you and/or the business.

Good Luck!

Be Proactive! Anticipate!

Be Prepared!

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