Risk Management


Risk Management

Risk Management introduces the concepts of protecting assets and being proactive to the risk of loss.  It discusses different methods and provides tools to mitigate risks of loss and strategies to think about.  It also focuses on the different types of risk that businesses might encounter such as cybersecurity, disaster issues and recovery, internal and external fraud and many other issues that ALL businesses need to be aware of and methods to reduce the risk of failure.

We hope that this lesson will give you some ideas and aid in putting some thought into your planning before and after you enter the business world

Good Luck in your venture and think about the future and how to protect your personal possessions business assets

Going into business has its own challenges and risk.  Risk comes in a variety of ways, both voluntary and involuntary.  They may be unforeseen or planned for but, it is of value to the business owner to understand how to protect against the potential risks.  Careful and thoughtful planning is necessary.  One should always consult and work with a risk manager (insurance professional) that has knowledge of the business and the industry.  If a business owner thinks that they are protected from recourse because they are an LLC or a corporation, they should think twice and understand the reality.  This training lesson will introduce and discuss some of the issues and information to help in the planning process.  When we think it will not happen to us or think we are not liable or responsible is when we get complacent.

Risk management will provide the tools to:

  • Help you be prepared from the beginning
  • Provide strategies to mitigate risks
  • Cybersecurity and the perils involved
  • Preparing for disaster and having a recovery plan

Be one step ahead of your competition.  Be proactive! Anticipate!

Be Prepared!

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