People. Practices & Pitfalls


People, Practices & Pitfalls

This lesson discusses the law, rules, regulations and pitfalls (consequences) of the game.  If you don’t play the game according to the rules, be aware.  Remember in Monopoly, if you fall on the wrong square you go to jail and it cost a lot of money to get out.  Same thing happens in real life.  This lesson help the entrepreneur to be aware of some major issues that may come up while being in business and the application of those issues in the workplace.

This lesson provides a great deal of actual case, practical examples or what to do and the fines of doing it wrong.

Good Luck in your Venture!

This lesson focuses on human resources, taxes and the law.  It has many actual case studies to show the implications of not complying to the tax and human resource laws and regulations.   This is not a lesson on law or a lesson on taxes but it is a lesson on the issues that a that entrepreneurs encounter in doing business.  It addresses many important topics such as:

  • The taxes that a business may encounter and the responsibility
  • The rules in reference to using independent contractors v. employees
  • Fair labor standard Act and its reference to small business
  • Hiring employees and employee benefits and what you should know to comply with the laws
  • Working environment for employees
  • Hiring family members and the benefits

Many of these topics are not only addressed in detail but practical examples are given with documentation and references.

Understand the rules to play the game or don’t get in the game-That’s my rule

Good Luck!

Be proactive! Informed! Anticipate!


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