In the Beginning-Turning your Dreams into Reality


In the Beginning-Turning your Dreams into Reality

Going into business may be easy.  Staying in business is the hard thing.  Not understanding the marketplace, the competition, the customer needs, the rules and regulations will certainly put you at the disadvantage.  This lesson provides information to help you understand these issues and provides tools to use.  What we want to deliver isn’t necessary what the market wants.  We should know this before we make the investment in time and money.

Learn more so you can do more and hopefully reduce your risk of failure

Good luck in your Venture!

Going into business is no different in planning a trip.  One needs a roadmap. Something that can be used as a guide to be able to measure if you have arrive to the desired destination.  This lesson will guide the new entrepreneur through a feasibility outline and provide a template and guidelines to develop a working business plan and a “Lean Business Canvas Model”.  Throughout this process, some of the issues that will be covered are:

  • Consumer and market segmentation
  • Environment issue and conflict and treats
  • Questions on how you will compete and differentiate your business
  • Where to get the information you need-Research-Research-Research
  • The value of understanding who you are, who the other players are and the threats of entering the arena

Before actually starting a business one needs to make sure there is a place for them in the marketplace and their is a need for their product/service.  This lesson will provide the tools, worksheets and templates to help.

Good Luck!

Be Proactive! Anticipate!

Be Prepared!


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