Franchising has been around for a lot of years. You are buying a system, a process and a brand.  In all of this it is still you running the business.  It is still the location and the environment that provides the resources.  When looking at options of going into business, don’t be blindsided by expecting a franchise to be the ultimate solutions.  You and your experience, knowledge and team are the real heros.

This lesson helps the entrepreneur to get an unbiased view of franchising and to present the fact and views without something to gain.  Be aware!  Every business type requires the same due diligence process but each alternative or option will have its own uniqueness that has to be understood and worked out.

Good Luck in your Venture

Franchising sounds like a great idea.  Buy someone else’s format with all the templates information and run with it.  How easy could that be? Well, first we have to slow down.  Franchising is one way to go into business but not necessarily the answer to all questions.  What is the rate of success? Depends on who is running the numbers, the franchisor or the statisticians.  The point is that franchising requires the same due diligence as buying or starting from scratch.  Every business is a single business and is a neighborhood business.  With so much competition and interference in the market place, franchising may be the best solution.

Some of the issues that will be addressed in this lesson are:

  • Where are the answers to franchising-good or bad?
  • What should the potential franchisee be looking for?
  • What questions should be asked?
  • Is this type of ownership right for you?
  • Where will the financing come from?
  • What might be the alternatives to franchising?
  • Understand the role of the franchisor and the franchisee

This lesson will discuss all of these issues and more.  It will have both sides of the equations-pros and cons.  It will bring in the resources, for your decision making, with practical examples and applications and testimonials.

Be Proactive! Anticipate!

Be Prepared!

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