Financing Your Venture


Financing your Venture

Have you tried to find money to finance your venture? Sometimes it is hard-like betting your head against the wall.  Either your credit score is too low or you do not have enough assets or cash to secure a loan.  This lesson give insight on different methods small business have used to finance their dream.  There are resources, links, tooks and practical applications that can be applied to the entrepreneur’s issues and situation.  Take these ideas and run with them.  They may make a difference and help in getting to where you want to go.

Good Luck in Your Venture!

Every try getting money when you need it? Sometimes it is like pulling teeth.  Small businesses suffer from resources, collateral and sometimes acceptable credit scores. Where to go, how to present the company and knowing how to get your paperwork in order is a challenge and may need assistance.  This lesson will give you ideas on where to find funds, start up and operating, and provide times on access. Some of the ares that are covered in this lesson are:

  • Financing methods
  • Where to find help for the government (federal, state, local)
  • Discussion about alternate ways to obtain financing
  • What are credit reports about and what do they mean
  • Know what creditors are looking for and the confidence they want to provide funds

These topics and discussions will give the entrepreneur some insight so they can move forward and on to their venture.

Be one step ahead of your competition.  Be proactive! Anticipate!

Be Prepared

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