Budgeting-Why Spend the Time

Budgeting-Why Spend the Time


Budgeting-Why Spend the Time?

Budgeting is a process. The new entrepreneur may want to take short cuts but this is no place to start.  Time consuming and sometimes brain twisting, it is well worth the trouble.  In the end, the value that this process will bring will prove the benefit.  This lesson demonstrates the value and its components and the how-to every step of the way.

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Sometimes it is difficult to convince small business that budgeting is an important function.  If you do not value budgeting, how will you know if the company has met its goals and/or its benchmarks? Budgeting allows one to plan!  Planning gives a company an idea of the resources that it may or may not need for future periods.  Budgeting looks at what has been, then looks at what may occur in the future.  Budgeting helps to give the insight, after investigating the internal and external environments and variables, about any changes that may need to be implemented.  This lesson will step the entrepreneur through the process with explanations and examples that can be taken back to the workplace and applied to real life situations.

In this lesson, the entrepreneur will get the practical issues of the types of budgets that they may want to consider, when to use which type and demonstrate they format of budgets for different industries and provide usable downloadable templates, manufacturing firm, retail business, servis firm.

The lesson goes through the entire budgeting process using, fixed budgets and flexible budget models.  This lesson will demonstrate the difference and similarities and give practical illustrations of each.

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