Are You Up for the Challenge?


Are you up for the Challenge?

This is the beginning of the rest of your life.  This lesson is all about your readiness to jump into the ring of entrepreneurship.  Here you will be able to understand the challenges and look into yourself and reflect on the traits, characteristics and responsibilities of being in business.

Good Luck in your new Venture!

This lesson focuses on YOU.  It has two short questionnaires to help the prospective entrepreneur to evaluate if they are ready.  It includes a “personal evaluation” and a prestart assessment”.  After answering the questions, the future entrepreneur will be in a better position to think about what they are anticipating doing and if it is the right time for them.  They will also have a better feel for the skills and responsibilities that lie ahead for them.

It is our thought that it is better to know upfront what the expectations are in reference to time, commitment and skills before jumping into an unknown situation.

We hope that this lesson will be of value to you and it help you to make some decisions about going into business.

Be Proactive! Anticipate!

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