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  • Buying a Business

    There are many ways to buy a business. Choosing the best route for you to go requires one to understand the environment, the resources and the risks.  When buying a business one needs to think about what they are buying:
    • Assets
    • Stock
    • Stream of Cash Flow
    • Customer lists
    • Other items
    In addition, a great deal of due diligence should be conducted using all the professional skills available.  Keep in mind, this is a big leap you are taking and may affect your entire family so,  take your time and be smart. This lesson brings to you the issues and practical information to help you in your decision making.

    Best of Luck in your Venture

  • Sale!

    Forming the Organization Structure

    The most popular legal entity in the United States, today, is and LLC (Limited Liability Company).  Why? 85% of the people I as this question say "because I am protected if something happens?"  Are you sure? This lesson will help the entrepreneur learn the facts and see how it is applied in the real world of business.  One entity does not fit all needs so due the homework to get the facts.  This lesson will make you think and provide the information to ask more questions.  The more you learn, the more you will want to know.

    Lesson number 1-an LLC is a legal entity organize in a state.  It is NOT a taxing entity.  Sign up for the less to learn more

    Good Luck in your future Venture

  • Franchising

    Franchising has been around for a lot of years. You are buying a system, a process and a brand.  In all of this it is still you running the business.  It is still the location and the environment that provides the resources.  When looking at options of going into business, don't be blindsided by expecting a franchise to be the ultimate solutions.  You and your experience, knowledge and team are the real heros. This lesson helps the entrepreneur to get an unbiased view of franchising and to present the fact and views without something to gain.  Be aware!  Every business type requires the same due diligence process but each alternative or option will have its own uniqueness that has to be understood and worked out.

    Good Luck in your Venture

  • In the Beginning-Turning your Dreams into Reality

    Going into business may be easy.  Staying in business is the hard thing.  Not understanding the marketplace, the competition, the customer needs, the rules and regulations will certainly put you at the disadvantage.  This lesson provides information to help you understand these issues and provides tools to use.  What we want to deliver isn't necessary what the market wants.  We should know this before we make the investment in time and money.

    Learn more so you can do more and hopefully reduce your risk of failure

    Good luck in your Venture!

  • People, Practices & Pitfalls

    This lesson discusses the law, rules, regulations and pitfalls (consequences) of the game.  If you don't play the game according to the rules, be aware.  Remember in Monopoly, if you fall on the wrong square you go to jail and it cost a lot of money to get out.  Same thing happens in real life.  This lesson help the entrepreneur to be aware of some major issues that may come up while being in business and the application of those issues in the workplace. This lesson provides a great deal of actual case, practical examples or what to do and the fines of doing it wrong.

    Good Luck in your Venture!

  • Resource Toolkit: Compilation of the documents from each lesson/topic

    This resource toolkit puts many valuable templates, models and check lists at the finger tips of the user.  Each ties into one or several of the lessons but can be use as a stand alone.  As the lessons expand more templates and guides will be developed and available.

    Good Luck in your Venture!

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management introduces the concepts of protecting assets and being proactive to the risk of loss.  It discusses different methods and provides tools to mitigate risks of loss and strategies to think about.  It also focuses on the different types of risk that businesses might encounter such as cybersecurity, disaster issues and recovery, internal and external fraud and many other issues that ALL businesses need to be aware of and methods to reduce the risk of failure. We hope that this lesson will give you some ideas and aid in putting some thought into your planning before and after you enter the business world

    Good Luck in your venture and think about the future and how to protect your personal possessions business assets

  • Starting Down the Path-You are Getting Closer

    Here you are thinking about going into business.  How great it would be to be my own boss (you are dreaming about). I can do what I want, be where I want and make all the decisions. WOW! how wrong you may be.  This lesson may open up your eyes to new issues, understanding and ideas that you have not thought about.  Remember, you are now responsible (solely) for the health and welfare of your and your families lives (financially).  Don't think it is a walk in the park or a part time endeavour. Check out the real issues of starting your business.  It may save you some time and energy in the future

    Good Luck in your Venture!

  • Are you up for the Challenge?

    This is the beginning of the rest of your life.  This lesson is all about your readiness to jump into the ring of entrepreneurship.  Here you will be able to understand the challenges and look into yourself and reflect on the traits, characteristics and responsibilities of being in business.

    Good Luck in your new Venture!

  • Budgeting-Why Spend the Time?

    Budgeting is a process. The entrepreneur may want to take short cuts but this is no place to start.  I may be time consuming and sometimes brain twisting, but it is well worth the trouble.  .  In the end, this lesson demonstrates the value of the process and its components and will provide the "how-to" every step of the way.

    Good luck in your future Venture!

  • Family Owned Business

    Family owned businesses can be very tricky.  They have an element that does not exist within non-family owned businesses and that is RELATIVES and family togetherness.  When in business with relatives, it may be difficult to keep the emotions out of the business but no one said it was easy to go into business, especially with relatives.  Int he beginning it may sound like paradise.  As the business progress, then issues may pop up:
    • Who does what?
    • Who gets paid what and why?
    • How will it work during family events and activities?
    • Who gets the bigger house/ auto and why?
    This lesson addresses many of these issues

    Good Luck in your Venture!