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Our online training programs for small business provide lessons that focus on How To and Practical Solutions to start, run and grow your business. Unlike many learning experiences and courses, The Shnider Group LLC understands your pain, challenges and the fear of the unknown. We have been
there! We are practitioners first and educators second.

The lessons are practical, based with actual examples and solutions that help to take you to where you want to go. To understand the applications and solutions, the lessons provide detailed templates and relevant examples that can be used in your business. These examples and solutions coupled with our first rate training content, increases your knowledge, skills and effectiveness in the areas of marketing, cash management, budgeting, choosing the organization structure, operations, buying and selling a business, franchising, home based business, family owned business and many more.

We focus YOU on the “To Dos” and the “Not to dos” – the issues and resulting consequences of choices that all small businesses face. Our templates are applicable to service, retail and manufacturing companies and can be applied to your specific situations.

All our programs below are available individually or access all of our training programs with our Business Booster Membership.

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It is important to understand the federal and state requirements and the regulations of doing business in the U.S. Obtaining the information and necessary rules is important to prevent the risk of penalties, interest and to reduce the risk of failure due to noncompliance.

Your copy of “How to Start a Business in the US” will get you structured for success and minimize potential risks.