Shnider Group Frequent Questions / Answers


FAQ 1Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here you will find answers to often asked questions about The Shnider Group LLC and our services. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us so that we may assist you.

Who is The Shnider Group LLC?2020-04-06T18:44:14-04:00

The Shnider Group LLC are entrepreneurs who have been where you want to get. They also been in the academic environment for over 20 years. They have credentials from CPA, MBA to PhD. They know the real world and they understand the academics and practical issues of staying in business, finding opportunities, organizing a business, maintaining positive cash flow and many other significant elements of starting and running a business.

How will I enroll?2020-04-06T18:54:35-04:00

One can enroll into the training of their choice or they will be able to enroll in the entire training guide. Each lesson is focused on a different area of necessary functions of starting and operating a business.

How much will it cost?2020-04-06T18:44:34-04:00

The individual lessons are priced separately, and the membership training guide is priced at a discount and will have other benefits attached.

Will I get a certificate of completion?2020-04-06T18:44:51-04:00

There will be Certificate of Completions at the end of each lesson-some of the plans will include them and some of the plans will have an addition minimal fee attached to them.

Why not do my own research and find my own answers?2020-04-06T18:45:04-04:00

One could do this, and we recommend that the entrepreneur always search out answers for themselves, but our lessons and topics put it at your figure tips and include the practical and academic positions to many of the exercises and cases presented.

I Know what I want to do so, why take the training?2020-04-06T18:45:14-04:00

Taking the training gives insight to the entrepreneur on many fronts. Even though one thinks they know what they want to do, the opportunities may be different, and the methods of sustainability are challenging. Remember-it is easy to go into business, but few stay in business. These lessons will help the entrepreneur shift through the practical application of the academic issues from a pro and con perspective.

I managed a business for years, why do I need the training?2020-04-06T18:45:25-04:00

Managing and owner are two completely different animals. Managers is a responsibly earned or given. Ownership requires, vision, leadership, insight, and all the skills of running a business such as finance, marketing, operations and human resources. What the owner does, behind the scenes, isn’t usually shared with the managers. Managing a business requires making decisions and know the businesses. Ownership goes one step further. This training puts it all together for owners.

There are many training sites for business, why take yours?2020-05-25T21:35:37-04:00

Our lessons are focused on practical experience. They have all the academic principles presented to understand and apply in the real world of business. Our founders have been where you are and understand how to transform the academic to the practical and provide resources and tools to use.

I have taken business courses and have a business degree, what else do I need?2020-04-06T18:45:45-04:00

This is great because you will be ahead of the game with the academic understanding. Our lessons will take the knowledge and show how it is applied in the real world.
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